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Your Reliable Logistics & Shipping Partner in Jamaica

Who We Are

WICO Logistics Group Limited is logistics service provide operating in Kingston, Jamaica. Our company is built on the foundations of Integrity, Transparency, Honesty and Mutual Respect for our clients, partners and workers.


We provide a variety of uniquely tailored logistics solutions to suit the needs of clients across diverse industries. The quality of our service is firmly grounded in the expertise, commitment and dependability of both our employees and industry partners. This enables us to provide quality reliable service that is responsive to each client's logistics and shipping needs.

At WICO Logistics Group Limited, we take great pride in the expertise and professionalism of our team, who is equipped with over 16 years in-depth knowledge of international shipping and logistics management. We offer reliable shipping options and logistics services for inbound and outbound cargo in Jamaica.


Our daily operational objective is to ensure our clients get valuable service for their dollar. Thus we leverage the assets of our shipping network to ensure the most economical rates for clients. Additionally, our services are uniquely customized for the convenience and budget of each client.


Looking for a reliable, economical and efficient logistics service provider  in Jamaica? 


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